Vote Absentee


Who is eligible to vote in Wisconsin?


Complete Guide to Voting and the Photo ID law in Wisconsin


"My Vote Wisconsin" is an excellent user-friendly website created by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board that allows you to easily register to vote, find polling places... 


At the website there are simply four "Voter categories" on the Home page;  choose the one that applies and follow the prompts.  You can register to vote at this website.  If you prefer to register at your polling place on the day of elections it will identify your polling place as well (click on "address search" in the navigation bar).  If you register on the day of elections, remember to bring a  Proof of Residence  (eg. paycheck, bank statement, utility bill, lease, property tax bill…) and a photo ID as well. 


Wisconsin Voter Registration Application - for those that prefer to simply download, complete and send in.


"Bring it to the Ballot" is  another user-friendly website designed specifically to alleviate the anxiety and fears of getting a  photo ID.  You do not need a photo ID to register, BUT you need a photo ID to vote.


Do I have the right Photo ID?   


If you have not been able to get a photo ID for the election, you can vote on Election day on a "Provisional Ballot" but you must get to the DMV for a photo ID and bring the receipt to your municipal town clerk by Friday of that same week. To find your nearest Division of Motor Vehicles  office (DMV), link here.