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Wisconsin Ranks 26th in Animal Protection Laws for 2021

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Animal League Defense Fund's

"Animal Protection Laws of Wisconsin"


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"This chapter contains Wisconsin’s general animal protection and related statutes with an effective date on or before September 1, 2021. It begins with a detailed overview of the provisions contained in these laws, followed by the full text of the statutes themselves. 




Wisconsin Legislative Session


Outstanding Animal Humane legislators in Wisconsin:


Senator Risser, Senator Hansen, Senator Carpenter


Rep. Sinicki, Rep. C. Taylor,

Rep. Subeck









The following legislators supported humane animal legislation as either AuthorsCoauthors or Cosponsors.  

Link here for a brief LOHV description of the bill.  


Sen. Risser:  SB139 (Passed), SB30, SB469, SB675

Sen. Hansen:  SB30, SB478, SB675, SB871

Sen. Carpenter:  SB30, SB469, SB675, SB871

Sen. L. Taylor:  SB478, SB469, SB871

Sen. Smith:  SB478, SB469, SB675

Sen. Jacque:  SB139 (Passed), SB469

Sen. Cowles:  SB139 (Passed), SB469 

Sen. Larson:  SB30, SB675

Sen. Wanggaard:  SB469, SB871

Sen. Marklein:  SB139 (Passed) 

Sen. Shilling:  SB871

Sen. Bewley:  SB871

Sen. Petrowski:  SB469

Sen. Johnson:  SB469

Sen. Wirch:  SB478



Rep. Sinicki:  SB30, SB478, SB469, SB675, SB871

Rep. C. Taylor:  SB139 (Passed), SB30, SB469, SB675, SB871

Rep. Subeck:  SB139 (Passed), SB30, SB469, SB675

Rep. Stubbs:  SB30, SB675, SB871

Rep. Anderson:  SB478, SB469, SB675

Rep. Steffen:  SB478, SB469, SB675

Rep. Emerson:  SB478, SB675, SB871

Rep. Pope:  SB30, SB478

Rep. L. Myers:  SB478, SB675

Rep. Cabrera:  SB478, SB871

Rep. Billings:  SB478, SB871

Rep. Zamarripa:  SB478, SB675

Rep. Vruwink:  SB469, SB675

Rep. Edming:  SB139 (Passed), SB469

Rep. Skowronski:  SB139 (Passed), SB469

Rep. Bowen:  SB675, SB871

Rep. Spiros:  SB469

Rep. Kulp:  SB469

Rep. Duchow:  SB469

Rep. Krug:  SB469

Rep. Milroy:  SB469

Rep. Wichgers:  SB139 (Passed)

Rep. Brandtjen:  SB139 (Passed)

Rep. Ramthun:  SB469

Rep. Rodriguez:  SB469

Rep. Tusler:  SB469

Rep. Zimmerman:  SB469

Rep. Stuck:  SB675

Rep. Doyle:  SB871

Rep. James:  SB139 (Passed)

Rep. Loudenbeck:  SB139 (Passed)

Rep. Murphy:  SB139 (Passed)

Rep. Myers:  SB139 (Passed)

Rep. Haywood:  SB478

Rep. Ohnstad:  SB478

Rep. Sargent:  SB30

If you are not sure who your state senator and/or representative is, please link here and type in your address.  Contact them to encourage their support in the future and/or thank them for their recent support for any legislation for which you especially appreciate their sponsorship.



Wisconsin Legislative Session



The Wisconsin legislature failed to pass any animal protection legislation





Wisconsin Legislative Session


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Wisconsin Chapter

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Wisconsin Legislative Session


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Wisconsin Chapter

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