You have a voice in how Wisconsin's animals are protected


  • Join LOHV-WI and help build a voting bloc in your community and/or Contact Us
  • START SMALL - Attend local town, city & county meetings and get to know  board members who will help promote animal protection ordinances/laws
  • Share our Facebook page and webpage on social media platforms
  • Schedule tabling events for LOHV to build your voting bloc (county humane societies events, shelter events, fairs, markets, libraries) Contact us for help as well.
  • Read Julie Lewin's "Get Political for Animals and Win the Laws they need: Why and how to Launch a Voting Bloc for Animals in your Town, City, County or State - and the simple steps it takes to do it"
  • Distribute LOHV information to animal-friendly establishments (contact us for help)


  • "Who are my Legislators?"   (type your address in search bar - top right)
  • "WI Legislative alert system"
  • Attend "Town Meetings" with your legislator.  To do this, go to their legislative page and link to their website.  Town meetings should be listed there.  If not, call their office at the capitol and ask their assistant when meetings are taking place.  
  • Set up a meeting with your legislator at a local coffee shop in town!!!  Your legislator's assistant can schedule a time for you.
  • For all legislative information link here.