Breeding & Laboratory Research in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of the epicenters of animal research in the United States AND also harbors breeding facilities specifically for the purpose of selling these animals to research laboratories.


Wisconsin has the dubious distinction of being #1 in the United States for research on both dogs and cats; #2 for rabbits.


Thousands of these animals in breeding facilities in our state live a miserable caged existence, bred for unnecessary experiments that do not transfer to human use. For example, there is a very large breeding facility outside of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.


"State open-records laws and the U.S. Freedom of Information Act can be used to obtain documents and information from state institutions, government agencies, and other federally funded facilities, but private companies, contract labs, and animal breeders are exempt." is an excellent resource along with their Facebook page which they keep updated regularly.


You can also request info from WI DATCP if you want inspection and other information.  Don't hesitate to contact your local officials to inquire if any breeding facilities are in your area or contact your state representatives as well.  It's important to remember that the public research facilities are using our public tax dollars to fund cruel, invasive, painful and unnecessary experiments.